Reflexions Podcast 07

by Thomas Hayes

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Our 7th installment comes courtesy of Thomas Hayes - a fine selector and producer.

For this podcast Thomas wanted to pay tribute to one of his favorite artist - Tetsu Inoue - a Japanese minimalist music composer.

A few words by Thomas on his motivations for this tribute:

"In 2020 Tetsu’s music meant a great deal to me. It guided me through difficult times by helping me work through certain anxieties; quickly, I found myself buying all of his music, which I feel has healing powers. I hope that through this podcast, Tetsu’s music may help others as it helped me.

This tribute contains solo productions under Tetsu’s real name as well as collaborations with Pete Namlook and Uwe Schmidt, amongst others. 
The last track is made by partner in crime Killian Vandenbemd, who for some years now, has beginning become a promising artist. His sound matches great with Tetsu’s"

As always, sit back, close your eyes and let the music transport you :)


1. 2350 Broadway – Art Of Dream 1/2/3

2. Tetsu Inoue – Elevator Drops

3. 2350 Broadway – Take The Sky

4. Tetsu Inoue - @

5. Tetsu Inoue – Background Story

6. Shades Of Orion – Orion Transfer 7/8/9

7. Ambiant Otaku – Magnetic Field

8. Masters Of Psychadelic Ambiance – Psychic Magic Show/Weirdom/Technicolor/Random Radio/Ethnic Overtone

9. Tetsu Inoue – Static Soul

10. Tetsu Inoue – Automatic Motion

11. Organic Cloud – Ring Of Power

12. Zenith – Plexus Solaris

13. Killian – Naure (unreleased)

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