In the forests of Switzerland, Nnamael first got in contact with Psytrance music. Later, Techno events have been explored, where the heart was finally rooted, the experimenting with DJing and producing began.

Nnamael tells a mystic fairytale, that arises within the set. They awake with cadenced, transcendental sound patterns. Then they turn into a cryptic, energetic and hypnotizing journey, you cannot escape from.

The memories of the Swiss nature still in the soul, a long affection for metal music in the heart. Two contrasts carefully selected mirror the artists signature in the sets and productions.

The artist has released recently her first track on Underdub Records.

She is based in Berlin and part of Granit Souls, which is a techno female identifying and queer booking agency and community. As well as part of female:pressure.

Muscial style : Dark Atmospheric, Hypnotic, Deep, Elemental, melancholic, Evocative