Artists: ALPI

Title: Plenilunio EP

Label: Danza Nativa

Catalog Number: DN012

Format: Digital.


1. ALPI - Plenilunio

2. ALPI - Natrice

3. ALPI - Vortice

4. ALPI - Riflesso

All tracks written & produced by: ALPI

Mastered by: Sebastian Galante AKA Seph

Design by: Arnau Pi

Cat No DN012

Danza Nativa 2022.

Press Release:

Our 12th release presents the Italian duo ALPI who perfectly showcase their talent in a solo outing “Plenilunio”. A solid 4-track EP that brings out the depth of modern techno style with a variety of percussion, rhythms and harmonies.

“Plenilunio" is the opener track charged with light and a positive and magical ritual vibe where they play with the intensity of elements and subtle details. “Natrice" captivates the listener from the beginning and continues with the same narrative but the breakbeat style changes the mood and opens the game to a new deep interpretation. The third track “Vortice" contains a solid groove intended as a tool for the minimalist DJ. In the right hands this track can be greatly appreciated. The chapter concludes with "Riflesso" without a doubt the most percussive and tribal interpretation that motivates us to dance and feel part of the ceremony.

Release date: May 23, 2022

Released by 24 May 2022
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Plenilunio EP


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