DOCTA’s third release, Forms sees Marco Bruno take the helm for a courageous – yet refreshingly functional – journey through contemporary electronic soundscapes. The alarming mood of Aesthetic, demanding the listener’s full attention from the get-go, is matched in intensity by thundering grooves on Shattered: both tracks achieve dancefloor catharsis through expertly balanced, driving low-ends that find a narrative resolution through the emergence of finely articulated chord progressions. Forms then ascends through the expert interposition of Claudio PRC, who reimagines Aesthetic with a timeless rework of ethereal dub inspiration and avant-garde technical ambition. Horizon concludes the journey, landing somewhere between London and Detroit with an emotionally resolving pattern of modern breaks.

Written and produced by Marco Bruno

Mastered by Neel at Enisslab in Rome

Graphic output - Metaprog

Released by 14 June 2023


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by Marco Bruno

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