Number 28 in our collection of dance floor futurism and we go East in search of talent. The chosen one is Prostorija Za Otpad, mysterious duo of producers from the Balkan area offering three cuts of proper advanced dance music suitable for the near and future dance floors.

Jasle is an adrenalized exercise of one bar sequences and repetition spiced with the right dose of harshness.

Sijeno goes on similar coordinates, but with more melodic lines, adding harmonic content still being hyperactive and alien.

Horoz closes the release with that crispy snare giving the semi EBM touch. Again, repetition and crispness as the main script.

Supported by Angel Molina, Andres Gil, Amby Iguous, Aubrey Fry, Auspex, Agus Viera, Akenaton, BEC, Boxia, Carlo Lio, DA / FR, Deepak Sharma, DJ Steven, Fanon Flowers, Fundamental Interaction, Frank Maurel, Frankyeffe, Furtive, Gabriella Vergilov, Ghost In The Machine, G02, HAL9000, Hd Substance, Ilario Alicante, Insolate, Joseph Capriati, Joton, Luke Slater, Marco Faraone, M.R.E.U.X, NVNTR, Oblique, Paco Osuna, Parde Grilon, Sintek, Slam, Stephanie Sykes, STNDRD, Takaaki Itoh, The Lady Machine, Unbalance, Voidloss and more.


Rel. Date: April 5, 2021

Written by Prostorija Za Otpad.

Mastered by Steve Voidloss at Black Monolith Studios (London).

Artwork by Odottan.

Promotion by Dispersion PR.

© All rights reserved.

Hxagrm Records

Valencia (ES)

Released by 05 April 2021


by Prostorija Za Otpad

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