Solarythm has put vigorous determination into the EP baïkal to transcend the sounds of a night-time lake into a mystical and organic atmosphere.

Accompanied by Mokaite, Solarythm opens this EP with Elytres at the edge of the lake at dusk, just at the moment when the nocturnal fauna awakens. A musical and rhythmic breeze begins to blow, entrancing our senses and preparing us for an intense night ahead.

Baïkal's hypnotic and percussive sounds take hold next. Its deep bass and panning sounds create a mystical sonic pattern that guides us inwards for an emotional internal experience.

Aar concludes this EP by slowing down the pace and softening the atmosphere. As if carried by the gentle and soothing current of a river, the darkness fades away and the first rays of light appear on the horizon.

Produced by Solarythm & Mokaite

Mastered by Arthur Bohl

Artwork by Daisy de Montjoye

Marseille / Lyon, France

Released by 22 November 2021
Artists (2)

Baïkal [MLF003]

by Solarythm, Mokaite

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