Nachtblumen Podcast #12 Rosillon

by Rosillon

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The first episode of the Nachtblumen podcast for 2021 comes from Camille Ferdinandus also known as @rosillon, a Dutch artist based in Rotterdam.

Rosillon’s sound is mostly focused on the deep hypnotic realm of techno. After years of music exploration, he got to experience artists like Rødhåd, Ntogn and CHPTR, which paved the way for his dreams in music. As this type of techno is not that popular in the Netherlands, Camille wants to try and introduce it to people and show the beauty of true storytelling and morphing atmospheres. To him storytelling means finding the right records that have unique elements, which when combined create an otherworldly mind and body experience for the listener.

In his vinyl only podcast, Camille tells the story of hope. The set is a combination of light and dark atmospheres that bring you to an obscure place, somewhat a metaphor for the world we live in right now. It also reflects his deep feelings for a special someone that inspired him to be hopeful in these times of darkness.

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