Trip#16: Mateo Moric

by Mateo Moric

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We present the sixteenth episode of the podcast series "Trip". This time the episode is special because we present the first mix of the memoir type.

We first encountered Mateo's music while listening to his EP for Danza Nativa, and we knew right away that we wanted to invite him to our podcast series.

Mateo has prepared for us a set composed only of his own productions. Many of them are still unreleased. We are happy that through Psylocybina we can be a part of the promotion of original compositions by artists of our esteem.


Mateo Moric is an Electronic Artist born in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His sound develops combining textures, atmospheres, hypnotic grooves and deep bass lines.

Headmaster at Escuela Sonica, the first Electronic Music School in Latin America.

Relax and take a listen...­čŹä


1. Mateo Moric - Deep As Silence [Unreleased]

2. Paltas - Clonazemal (Mateo Moric Deep Remix) [Unreleased]

3. Mateo Moric - Huapi [Unreleased]

4. Mateo Moric - Contrastes [Unreleased]

5. Mateo Moric - Jambi [Technologia Orgánica]

6. Mateo Moric - Silvera [Unreleased]

7. Mateo Moric - Eulogy [Technologia Orgánica]

8. Mateo Moric - Flood [Unreleased]

9. Mateo Moric - Vientos [Unreleased]

10. Mateo Moric - Descubrir [Unreleased]

11. Mateo Moric - Paciente [Danza Nativa]

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