In 2019, Southern Lights released the debut album of audio-visual artist Lost Few, fusing his relationship with the physical form including found sounds from the Australian wilderness and disturbed electronics, processed instrumentation and sub-bass experiments.

Those sonic experiments have been given the remix treatment by a handful of contemporary artists working within the fringes of techno. Manchester’s Karim Maas provides his dark, ritual touch to “Indecision”, Vohkinne dials up the velocity on “Quietly We Wish For Silence” with his Extended Thrust Mix, Years of Denial deliver a stunning interpretation of “Expectations Are The Devil” straddling industrial and EBM, while Dino Sabatini closes the release with a serene and introspective remake of “Many An Idle Stone”.

Mastering by Enisslab Studio, Rome

Cutting by Manmade Mastering, Berlin

Artwork by Acid Hazel

Released by 05 April 2021
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Between The Silence Remixes

by Lost Few, Vohkinne, Years Of Denial, Karim Mass, Dino Sabatini

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Lost Few - Between The Silence Remixes EP
Includes digital download.
140g 12" vinyl release of Between The Silence Remixes. Comes with an 190gr A5 colour insert with the lyrics to the remix of "Expectations Are the Devil" by Years of Denial.
Digital album