Unknown Stories with: Seiichiro Itoyama (Live Set)

by Seiichiro Itoyama

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Seiichiro Itoyama is a producer from Japan, currently based in Berlin.

Initially diving into electronic music production as a means of personal meditation, this has become the foundation of his process - a disciplined, uncompromising focus on inducing an utterly present and hypnotic state of mind through sound.

His own words about the process:

"Limitations, creative constraints has been a vital part of my process. Whether it be by necessity or choice, it has always yielded powerful results. This live set was recorded purely in Ableton with 8 audio tracks, allowing myself only to adjust the volume while recording. A careful preparation of each sound, listening very closely to how they interact with each other has led to the fluid dynamism and rawness in texture that can be heard throughout set."

Uploaded by 08 February 2021